How To Create a Winner’s Dating Profile

There are few things as stressful as creating that perfect dating profile page. Let’s be honest, that’s totally not true. There are more pressing things in life than whether or not your dating profile wins. However, that shouldn’t take away from the importance of creating a dating profile that crushes it.

If your dating profile is a dormant, lackluster affair, no one will give you a chance. You might be the greatest, funniest, most compassionate of people, but a shoddy outdated profile ruins things.

Dating profiles matter. They matter a lot.

There is more to a dating profile than just your prettiest of headshots.

So here’s some easy dating profile tips that can ramp up your odds of meeting that special someone.

Expect Work

Writing about yourself seems easy, until it isn’t.

The thing is, many people get overwhelmed when they have to write up a dating profile bio. And once they feel stressed, they lose confidence in their ability to craft something attractive and fun. Then they slop together whatever they have and hope for the best.

The reason things go wrong in the process is that the person never expected that writing a dating profile to be work.

It is. It’s work. You gotta do the work if you want to gain more exposure on your dating site.

So what’s the action item here?

  • Write it. Read it. Let your good friends read it. Rewrite it.
  • Expect it will take some time. Don’t sit down and try to do it a 5 minute window’s worth of time.
  • Make sure you are relaxed when you sit down to write it.

These sound like simple tips, but the reality is that they are often overlooked in the dating profile creation process.

Keep It Real (Like, Really Real)

We all despite fraudster profiles. You know, the guy or girl who looks nothing like their profile picture and smokes, despite putting “non-smoker” on their bio.

Be real. Be honest.

This doesn’t mean you need to focus on your shortcomings.

“I’m addicted to smoking, my home smells like volcano ash and I expect to have emphysema next year.”

No need for that.

Just be honest in the questions you are asked. Keep with an introspective process when answering questions. Don’t think about what will impress someone. In the end, honesty and authenticity are two of the most impressive traits.

Positive Messaging Wins

Single people aren’t looking for negative Nancy’s to date. They’ve either abandoned the last negative person, or they just understand they don’t desire being dragged down.

Be positive in your bio’s copy.

Post positive pictures (you know, the ones that have you smiling).

This doesn’t mean to brag, it means to keep what you say in a positive light.

“I enjoy camping and cooking marshmallows over a fire.”

That’s good stuff.

But feel this for a second…

“If you don’t like camping, don’t even contact me, not interested.”

See how that felt?

The person reading your profile won’t contact you if they hate camping based on your first message. Or, maybe someone who wants to experience camping but doesn’t know how will contact you based on your first message.

The second message feels bitter and jaded.

No one wants bitter and jaded.

Highlight some of your good deeds.

If you work with a charity, put that in your profile. That’s more positive messaging that viewers of your dating profile should read.

Use Spell Check

I personally don’t think that someone who has trouble with spelling is a bad person. Because if I did, I’d be a bad person. But spelling errors tend to make our dating profiles appear lackluster, as if we didn’t care enough to accept our computer’s suggested spelling edits.

Most browsers have built in spell checks. If yours does not, try using a Google Drive or Microsoft Word document prior to pasting the text into your dating profile editor.

Good spelling makes it appear you care. And caring is the whole dating thing, right?

Be Current

No one wants to read old news.

Pics of you hanging out with your college buddies while in college aren’t going to work if you are decade beyond your college days.

Who are you today?

An active profile also portrays you as someone who cares about meeting that special someone. Single people are less likely to contact someone who doesn’t seem to be actively pursuing a special someone.

Slow The Party Roll Pics

Having an active social life can fall under the “positive messaging” category. But there’s a limit.

Group photos show that you are social and have friends. Group photos with you holding a beer show that you have friends and probably enjoy a beer from time to time. Group photos of you surrounded by a cheering crowd as you take down a beer bong illustrate a potential problem and dating red flag.

You can’t believe how often I see singles make this mistake in their dating profile pictures.

On that note, keep variety in your pictures. You don’t want to seem one-dimensional.


Your dating profile is an online window into your soul. If the window is dirty, no one is going to make an effort to look inside.

Keep an active profile, make sure your bio is honest, and all messaging and pictures should illustrate a positive message.

You want to appear likeable and fun and compassionate. Those are the essential qualities that make a person attractive.

Remember, crafting a dating profile requires work and effort. If you put up a full dating site profile in five minutes during a Big Bang Theory rerun commercial break, it is likely that your profile is lackluster.

Winning profiles took time and thoughtfulness to create. That’s not an easy thing to accomplish, but it can be done with some dedicated time and caring.